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How to define an Item
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Upload Bulk Definitions and/or Data

Item Data
Bulk Item Data can be uploaded via a CSV file with the specified format.
Invalid files will not be processed.
The header line (first row) must be "itemname, time, value, status".

CSV File Example:
  • itemname, time, value, status
  • Population.Australia.Total, 2015-07-01 +10:00, 25.20, Good
  • Population.New Zealand.Total, 2015-07-01 +12:00, 5.183, Good
Item Name
Item Name already be defined in the database before any data can be loaded.
Please ensure you have already completed the Items Definition phase.

Data Time
The Data Time string must be in the universal time format.
Example: 2014-10-06 22:13:00 +10:00
This represents 11:13 pm on 6th October 2014 in Sydney local time.
When you specify a data time it should be the time the value was read, rather than the time when you are saving the value.
Any data line with an invalid time will be ignored.

Data Value
The Data value must be a floating point value in the form, "23.1345" or "-1000". Commas are not acceptable as a separator. Any invalid values will not be processed.
Data Status
Status Description
Good Value is good
Updated Value is good and has been updated
Provisional Value is good but is flagged as provisional until it is verified
Questionable Value is treated as good but is flagged as Questionable
Shutdown Value is bad as Server was Shutdown
Offline Value is bad as Server was Offline
Bad Value Value is bad as data failed to convert correctly
Missing Value Value is bad as the data was missing the value
No Data Value is bad as there was no data present

Please ensure the status string used matches the table, as it is case sensitive. Any invalid status values will not be processed