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Zoommi is focussed on providing everyone access to the global weatlh of real-time and historical data, via our interactive trending pages, in a timely manner.
Domain Name
Our domain name is, please use it in place of our-domain-name, below.
This site is maintained by a small, dedicated team for your enjoyment and use. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.
If you would like additional data items added to our database, just contact our team and let them know what you would like added.
Please contact our Development team
Functional or Performance Issues
The Zoommi database is maintained in the Cloud for rapid access and scalability. If our performance is below par, please let us know so we can increase resources to ensure you have the best experience.
Please contact our Support team
Subscriptions and Sales
We welcome everyone and aim to provide our core service free of charge. The advertising and optional subscriptions do help cover the costs of maintaining the Cloud infrastructure, data, etc.
Please contact our Sales team