Uploading your own Data

Upload data into the Zoommi Database

Thank you for your interest to add your data into the Zoommi database.
Uploading data into Zoommi is a two stage process.
Before any data can be up loaded, the Item definitions must be completed and defined in the database.
The Item Definition file must be filled out and submitted for quality checks prior to Item creation.
Once the new items are defined, data can then be uploaded.
We plan to be support the uploading of private data by the end of 2016.
Please download the Items Definition file. Fill in all the fields and submit it for approval.
Item Data
Item Data can only be uploaded via a CSV file with the specified format. Invalid files will not be processed.
The header line (first row) must be "itemname, time, value, status".

  • itemname, time, value, status
  • Population.Australia.Total, 2015-07-01 00:00Z, 25.20, Good
  • Population.New Zealand.Total, 2015-07-01 00:00Z, 5.183, Good

Uploading Data Steps:
If you have already completed the Items Definition phase, please go to Step 2.
1. Select a completed Items Definition file for review:
2. Select a completed Items Data file for review: