Paleo Climate Data

PaleoClimate data trends for 450,000 years before 2000 AD from Vostok ice core data

PaleoClimate Data
The Zoommi database only contains climate data back until AD 1. Data earlier than this is not included in our database.
However, its importance in understanding Climate Change is critical, so we have included special trends specifically for this paleoclimate data.
This trend shows four interglacial periods prior to the current interglacial which started approximately 15,000 years ago.
The latest interglacial precedes any human impact and has not reached the earlier heights of the previous interglacials.
The trend shows the earth is currently in a warming period, which preceded to human impact.
The trend also shows CO2 increasing with the temperature following.
Some of the questions to be asked are:
  • Does the CO2 cause the rise in temperature ?
  • Why does the CO2 start increasing 20,000 yeras ago ?
    • Where does this CO2 come from - the oceans, volcanoes, plants, lightning triggered fires, solar flare induced warming ?
Our database does include a number range of climate items that can be trended and compared to attempt to answer some of these queries, with some tree-ring and ice core data, dating back to AD 1. Most of the climate data begins from between 1600 and 1850. This includes temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, sunspot numbers and trace gases.
Other views include:
  • Vostok Carbon dioxide and methane data