Current and Historical Financial Data

Financial data includes Currencies, Stocks/Shares, Commodities, Futures, and bank statistics

Our Database
Our database contains financial data from numerous sources. Most of this data is collected continuously, typically daily. This resolution is aimed to provide a good historical view but is not sufficient to use for financial decision making.
We would recommend that you use the financial or market sites specifically designed to provide real-time data, such as Quandl.
These sites provide access for an annual subscription and usually will provide additional advice.
Zoommi's goal is to provide a single place where data from all these sites can be analysed in one place quickly and easily. If you find some data insights, then it would be anticipated that you delve deeper into the data on the original source sites.
Financial Data Sources
Bank of England
The Bank of England data includes daily currency cross rates.
European Central Bank
The European Central Bank data includes daily currency cross rates.
Quandl provides a broad range of data to this site. The data includes: daily stock prices, commodities, futures, and economic data.
Quandl's Financial Data Sources include
  • NY SE
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • FTSE
  • NZX
  • Japan Exchange Group
  • Euronext
  • London SEG
  • Shanghai SE
  • Toronto SE
  • Deutsche Bourse
  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Shenzhen SE
  • National SE of India
Reserve Bank of Australia
The Reserve Bank of Australia data includes daily currency cross rates.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand data includes daily currency cross rates.