Current and Historical Environmental Data

View US EPA Air quality; USGS Water Quality; and UK Air Quality data with over 40,000 Environmental data items available

Our Database
Our database contains environmental data from numerous sources. Most of this data is collected continuously, typically every 60 minutes. This resolution is aimed to provide a good historical view but is not sufficient to use for analytical or forecasting purposes.
We would recommend that you use your local sites that are specifically designed to provide real-time data, such as
Zoommi's goal is to provide a single place where data from all these sites can be analysed in one place quickly and easily. If you find some data insights, then it would be anticipated that you delve deeper into the data on the original source sites.
Environmental Data Sources
UK-AIR (Air Information Resource)
The UK-AIR data includes hourly air quality and air pollution data for approximately 400 sites around United Kingdom.
USGS Water Services
The USGS Water Quality data is available for Zoommi trending. There are approximately 2000 active sites with numerous measurements on each sample. There are over 2,000 possible types of chemical, physical and biological analyses that may be performed on each sample.
Chemical, physical, and biological data from both NWIS (USGS) and STORET (EPA) are readily accessible online from the Water Quality Portal, a web service sponsored by the USGS, EPA, and the Council.
US EPA Air Quality Services
EPA conducts air research to protect human health and the environment in support of the  Clean Air Act and  National Ambient Air Quality Standards .   See all air science resources.
NIWA New Zealand
The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Reasearch Ltd. (NIWA) does not currently provide any data for this site.
Future Environmental Data Sources