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Zoommi's Database
Check out Zoommi's growing database for ten's of millions of real-time items including:
  • Bank statistics
  • Currency data
  • Market data including Commodities and Futures
  • Financial and Economic Indicators
  • Water and Air Quality data
  • Weather data
  • World Economic Indicators and Population statistics
  • Your own data
An item (or variable) might be a City temperature, an ozone level, a stock price or a Country's population.
Zoommi's site includes trending tools to allow you to combine items from various sources and create your own interactive trends.
As our data is slightly delayed, the data is not suitable for weather forecasts or up-to-the-minute financial decision making.
There is a huge amount of real-time (aka time series) and historical data that has been collected by many sources.
Quandl's finance and ecomonic database contains over 10 million items and the USGS NWIS database for water contains over 14 million items.
OpenWeatherMap is collecting data from 40,000+ professional and personal weather stations.
Not all of this data is available on this site, as we have only focussed on the data that is continuously being updated. Our historical and current data is free for everyone to view and trend.
We are progressively adding new data, so if we do not have the data you would like to see, please let us know via our Feedback page.
Include your own data
Zoommi also have the ability to load your own data into its database for trend comparisons.
Consequently, we request that all users be registered users so we can support both public and private data.
Once you have registered/logged on, you will have access to the Zoommi Upload options.
Combine data from our various sources to gain your own big data insights.
Data Quality, Frequency and Performance
Our goal is to ensure our data quality is the highest it can be. Some of the data sources are more relaible than others. As our data is sourced from a range of sites, we are reliant on the Internet to support regular and continuous data access. Where possible, we retry the data collection to eliminate any missed data. However, on occasions when the network is down, we cannot collect all the data required. It is usually the hourly weather data that tends to be affected.
Where possible, Zoommi continuously collects data for all its items, so Zoommi's data is typically hourly for weather data and daily for financial data.
Please note that this data is not provided for weather forecasts or up-to-the-minute financial decision making.
We would recommend that you use the sites specifically designed such as Quandl or OpenWeatherMap
Zoommi's goal is to provide a single place where data from all these sites can be analysed in one place quickly and easily. If you find some data insights, then it would be anticipated that you delve deeper into the data on the original source sites.
Many sites are focussed on forecasting or detailed analysis rather than on providing easy access to historical data.
Within Zoommi, you can easily combine weather data with environmental data and even financial data to achieve you own unique insights.