Climate Open Data

Climate and Global Warming data since 1650 includes sea and air surface temperatures, troposphere and stratosphere temperatures, sunspot numbers, CO2, etc.

Our Database
Our database contains climate data from numerous sources. Most of this data is monthly and annual data with some data collected daily. This data is sourced directly from the referenced websites without any modification. Check the versions of the data as they are frequently recalculated and updated.
Be aware that the anomaly data from different sites use a different baseline. For a great comparison of this data with a common baseline, check out
As well as the data source sites listed below, other sites also analyse climate data, typically without any prejudgement. These include:
PaleoClimate Data
Our database only contains climate data back until 1650. While data earlier than this has not been included, its importance in understanding Climate Change is critical. Our Paleo Climate page expands on some of the key data found in ice cores, etc.
Climate Data Sources
Our data sources include:
Future Climate Data Sources